Randy Bryce Continues to Call for ICE to Be Abolished

For Immediate Release: May 29, 2018
Contact: Julia Savel, 973-525-5579, juliasavel@randybryceforcongress.com

RACINE, WI — Following the Congressional testimony (citation) that over 1,500 immigrant children were lost after being taken into government care at the U.S. border, Randy Bryce released the following statement.

“It’s simple: ICE has abused their power and lost thousands of children. These kids were taken into government care because they showed up alone or were separated from their parents at the border—  most of them fleeing drug cartels, gang violence, and domestic abuse. They came to America in search of a better life, but what they got was a living nightmare.

When tax payer funded agencies abuse their power, stray so far from their mission, and act in such contradiction with our shared American values, we must question whether that agency should exist at all. I have called to abolish ICE for months — and every day we let this unconstitutional, unlawful, and immoral organization exist is another day we let children be ripped apart from their families and get lost while the government sits idly by.”