Thank you can’t even begin to express the gratitude I feel right now.

A year ago I was a union ironworker from Caledonia, WI on a job site at the local VA talking about how working people weren’t being represented in Washington. Last night, thanks to your support, I was honored to accept the Democratic nomination for Congress in Wisconsin’s First District.

For too long, we’ve been shut out of politics. Our families have been forgotten by our representatives. Our needs have been pushed aside in favor of the needs of special interest groups and the top one percent.

That’s why we’re fighting. That’s why we’re here.

We believe healthcare is a right, not a privilege. We believe people shouldn’t have to be making life and death choices because they can’t afford medication or a trip to the doctor. And we believe that women and doctors — not politicians — are best able to make medical decisions that are personal, safe, and constitutionally protected.

We believe we can protect the good jobs we have and bring more back to this country. And we believe we can do that with strong unions, fair wages, and equal pay for equal work.
We believe diversity makes us stronger, not weaker.

We believe we have to protect our environment because our kids are depending on us.

We believe the government should work for us, not the corrupt politicians, lobbyists, and corporations.

We repealed Paul Ryan by forcing him into retirement because we believe in these things and because we believe in each other. We’re working people.

So while Paul Ryan has his chosen replacement, Lyin’ Bryan Steil, running against us, I know we can beat him and the GOP billionaires who want to uphold the status quo that has enriched them and screwed us over and over again.

We know what it’s like to break a sweat and to break our backs. Single moms, teachers, and line workers. We work our fingers to the bone. We pour every ounce of blood and sweat into making sure our work today makes tomorrow possible for our families.

We’re working people. And on Tuesday, November 6, we’re going to win.

Thank you,
Randy Bryce

P.S. The Republican attacks have already started. This morning, Paul Ryan’s Super PAC launched a new radio attack ad against us and this campaign, and moments later, Donald Trump tweeted his, “Complete and total Endorsement,” for our opponent. If you can, please consider making a donation to help us fight back and win this seat in November for working people everywhere.