Paul Ryan’s Desperate Attack

When I decided to run for Congress, some folks told me we could judge how much momentum our campaign had by how hard Republican groups were working to try and stop us.

Well, they’re working pretty darn hard right now. Just this morning, Paul Ryan’s super PAC announced they’re going to spend over $1.5 million to try and stop our grassroots movement, releasing another misleading ad in what’s shaping up to be an all-out smear campaign.

I wish I could say I was surprised, but Paul Ryan has depended on the GOP’s dirty-tactic playbook for the last 20 years to get what he wants — and now, he’s using the same tricks to get his puppet into office too.

While Ryan and his billionaire buddies try to tear our campaign down, we’re going to focus on building it up. They’re going all in, but I’m not scared because I have one thing they don’t — I have all of you.

I have Wisconsin’s working families on my side. I have the people who know what it’s like to make the tough decision between a doctor’s visit or food on the table on my side. I have union workers, veterans, reproductive health advocates, gun-safety reform activists and regular hard-working people from all walks of life who want a representative that actually represents them, not special interests, on my side.

Thank you for always having my back,

 Randy Bryce

P.s. We’re getting our response ad ready here in WI-01. If you can, please chip in a few bucks to help us keep it on air.