Randy Bryce Calls on Bryan Steil to Disavow GOP Efforts to Gut Coverage for People with Pre-Existing Conditions

RACINE, WI – A recent poll shows that 75% of Americans want to keep ACA protections for pre-existing conditions. In public appearances and campaign statements, Bryan Steil has claimed he will “protect coverage for pre-existing conditions.” However, the Trump administration and the Attorneys General of 20 states, including Wisconsin, are pursuing a case that would strip healthcare away from millions of Americans– specifically those with pre-existing conditions. Not to mention his mentor, Paul Ryan, has made his career by trying to take away health care from millions of Americans.

Today, Randy Bryce calls on Bryan Steil to stand up to Scott Walker, who approved the Wisconsin Attorney General signing onto the lawsuit which will take away health care from anyone with a pre-existing condition, and disavow the GOP’s shameless attack on healthcare.

“I have a pre-existing condition. My mom has MS, a pre-existing condition. My dad has one too. And millions of people in Wisconsin and across the country have pre-existing conditions that would disqualify them from receiving quality, affordable healthcare. Bryan Steil and the GOP are lying to voters when they say they want to ‘protect coverage for pre-existing conditions.’ While Bryan Steil may be telling voters what they want to hear, he silently sits by as the Scott Walker administration secretly tries to use the courts to take healthcare away from so many people”, said Randy Bryce. “Today I call on Bryan Steil to stand up and reject this hypocrisy. Tell Scott Walker to remove Wisconsin from the twenty GOP-led states that are challenging the law, with the backing of the Trump administration, and trying to strip healthcare aware from those who need it most. Healthcare is a human right– and the voters of Southeast Wisconsin deserve to know the truth about where Steil stands on the issue.”