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Watch the new video: It takes a lot to do a little

Five months ago, we posted a video online to launch what many at the time thought was a longshot campaign to defeat Paul Ryan.

But we did it anyway, because working people deserve a seat at the table of our own democracy.

Millions saw that first video. So today, we’re launching our second.

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“Entitlement” Reform

In 1965, the year Medicare was created, one out of every three seniors lived poverty. Today, thanks to the success of Medicare, Medicaid, and Social ...

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Winners and Losers

Well, they did it. Republicans finally passed their massive tax scam. Those handwritten scribbles hastily thrown on paper are about to become law. Let’s talk ...

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Randy Bryce: What Working People Face

Paul Ryan certainly doesn’t understand what it’s like to live paycheck to paycheck, to have to choose between food and paying your bills, or to literally be faced with life and death decisions with no health insurance. But I do understand.

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Randy Bryce: I’m proud to stand with Wisconsin Dreamers

Fernanda and Valeria are two Dreamers who live in Wisconsin’s 1st Congressional District — and all they want is a meeting with their congressman. Paul Ryan refused to meet with them at his office, even after they went on a five-day hunger strike, and he refused to meet them at his Janesville church, even though the priest gave Fernanda and Valeria permission to be there.

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Randy Bryce: We must act to stop gun violence

I am a gun owner and US Veteran. Wisconsin has a proud hunting tradition. I have family members that hunt regularly. Yesterday, along with every decent American, I woke up feeling heartbroken about the mass murder committed in Las Vegas.

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