Fighting for All

Randy Bryce’s Immigration Platform

Pass a ‘clean’ DREAM Act. 
There is bipartisan agreement that Dreamers, immigrants who were brought to this country as children and who have no serious criminal record, should have a path to citizenship. Despite promising repeatedly to help Dreamers, Speaker Ryan has refused to introduce any such bill for a vote. The overwhelming majority of Americans support a path to citizenship for these young people and, as a Congressman, Randy would support a clean DREAM Act. 

Pass DAPA. Randy supports granting employment visas and permanent protections from deportation to the parents of U.S. citizens and permanent residents. DAPA, or Deferred Action for Parents of Americans, was a program created by then-President Obama in 2014. It soon got tangled in the courts and was later rescinded by the Trump administration. Randy believes DAPA is based in human compassion, economic sense, and family values: it is cruel to separate American children from hard-working parents without criminal backgrounds, and policy research estimates that DAPA, if passed, could raise $16.7 billion in payroll taxes and create over 15,000 jobs annually. 

Oppose cuts to legal immigration.  Wisconsin’s dairy farms and other industries rely on immigration in order to meet their labor needs, and welcoming immigrants is a key part of our nation’s identity. As a Congressman, Randy would oppose the President’s attempts to dramatically cut legal immigration or the number of refugees our country accepts through the RAISE Act or any other legislation.

End private prisons. Immigration and Customs Enforcements gives more than $2 billion to for-profit, private prison operators every year. These corporations are notorious for poor working conditions and low wages for staff, and dangerous conditions for inmates. Profiting from incarceration also incentivizes keeping people in prison, which is costly to the taxpayer. Randy would fight to end government contracts with private prisons that have put profits over people.

Oppose addition of Census question on citizenship. The Constitution makes clear it is the census’ duty to include all residents, regardless of citizenship status, in its national survey. A decline in immigrant responses would likely cost states billions in federal funding, making needed resources more scarce for all of those states’ residents. According to the last census in 2010, about five percent of Wisconsin residents identified as immigrants — nearly double what it was in 1990. Randy will do everything possible to ensure that Wisconsin’s population is portrayed accurately in the 2020 survey.

Don’t ask local law enforcement to do ICE’s job. Attorney General Sessions has attempted to place new burdens on local law enforcement regarding their cooperation with ICE. Many police chiefs are reluctant to take on these additional responsibilities because it will hurt police-community trust and, consequently, weaken public safety. If victims and witnesses are unwilling to report crimes for fear of deportation, then dangerous criminals don’t get put behind bars. Studies suggest that localities where ICE and local law enforcement keep their responsibilities separate are actually safer, and, as a result, the Major Cities Chiefs Association has condemned the Attorney General’s actions. Despite this opposition from law enforcement, the Trump administration has threatened to remove critical, unrelated federal funding from local communities if their local law enforcement agency does not comply with ICE’s mandates. As a Congressman, Randy would oppose any efforts to defund so-called “sanctuary” jurisdictions.

Abolish ICE.  Immigration and Customs Enforcement was created just 15 years ago, and it is now time to rethink whether it is achieving its intended purpose. Rather than deporting immigrants who pose a risk to the nation’s security, ICE has grown power hungry, sucking up more and more federal resources and directing them towards the deportation of children and families, who are otherwise completely law-abiding. In 2017, the detention of immigrants with no criminal records more than doubled. Accordingly, Randy believes that ICE should be abolished, and Congress should explore which existing agency could best house immigration and customs enforcement, so that only those who pose a true threat to our country’s security face deportation. Sign our petition here.

Oppose the travel ban. Trump’s latest travel restrictions on eight countries of which six are Muslim-majority — Chad, Iran, Libya, North Korea, Syria, Somalia, Venezuela, and Yemen — is rooted in fear, not facts. Numerous foreign policy and defense experts have criticized the ban for doing little to increase national security – with many noting it may have the opposite effect. Furthermore, since these immigration bans were first enacted in 2017, they have stranded refugees fleeing humanitarian crises, stripped American citizens and lawful residents from being visited by loved ones, and threatened the U.S. economy and tourism industry. Randy believes that this kind of immigration policy, over-simplified and without nuance, does little to protect our country and only serves to create further division.

Randy Bryce’s Platform on Issues that Affect Women

Ensure Equal Pay for Equal Work. The pay gap for women and people of color has barely budged in decades. It’s time to take decisive action to correct this disparity. As a Congressman, Randy would support laws that would allow employees to refuse to disclose their current salary when applying for a new job, a question employers often ask to low-ball prospective candidates, and which has been shown to perpetuate the pay gap. Randy also supports a minority inclusion provision for the construction of FoxConn’s campus in Wisconsin’s First District, which would ensure 20% of the total construction cost went to minority and/or women business enterprises; 20% of the total worker hours were performed by minority and/or women workers; and 20% of the total worker hours were performed by minority and or/women apprentices. In contrast, Speaker Ryan voted against the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act that made it easier for women to sue for persistent pay inequity.

Pass Paid Medical and Family Leave. Currently, about 15 percent of workers have access to paid family leave through their employers. That means the overwhelming majority of Americans and Wisconsinites are forced to make enormous financial sacrifices if they want to spend time with their newborn child, care for an ill family member, or recover from an illness themselves. Randy supports the FAMILY Act, which would guarantee nearly all workers 12 weeks of paid medical or family leave. Randy opposes the Republican alternative proposal to support paid medical and family leave by raiding funds that are currently designated for Social Security. Speaker Ryan’s poor record on paid family leave stretches back nearly a decade – he voted against a law in 2009 which would have allowed federal employees to use their paid leave time for parental leave.

Alleviate the Burden on Caregivers. In most families, women disproportionately take on the burden of being a caregiver. It often means they not only leave the workforce, but that they also dip into their own savings to fund the medical care need for their family member. As a Congressman, Randy would look to alleviate the financial and emotional burden placed on caregivers by supporting The Credit for Caring Act, which provide the caregiver up to $3,000 back on their taxes, and other measures.

Accountability for Lawmakers Guilty of Sexual Harassment. Speaker Ryan has said that he does not support disclosing the names of lawmakers who used public funds to settle sexual harassment claims against them. Randy believes that as long as the victim agrees, constituents deserve to know if their lawmakers have been accused of sexual harassment, and they certainly deserve to know if their money, taxpayer money, has been used to settle that accusation.  The #MeToo movement has shown that a huge shift is needed on both side of the aisles, and across all workplaces, to end systemic sexual harassment. As a candidate, Randy is working to lead by example. His campaign was the first to unionize in the country, and their contract includes a third party sexual harassment reporting system. The campaign staff is also 50 percent female.

Support a Woman’s Right to Choose. Roe v. Wade established nearly fifty years ago that women have a right to make their own personal medical decisions, without interference from politicians.  Randy supports a woman’s right to choose and recognizes Roe as the law of the land. Randy also opposes any legislation that limits the right of a woman to make the best decision for her health, including laws banning abortion at twenty or fewer weeks and requiring parental consent for minors. Paul Ryan on the other hand has extreme views on abortion: he does not believe that women who use Medicaid for healthcare should be able to get an abortion using the program, even in cases of rape or incest; he has also voted in support a bill that would have barred women in the military from getting an abortion at a military hospital, even if she was paying for it out of pocket; and he voted for the “Let Women Die Bill,” which would have allowed hospital to refuse to administer an emergency abortion, even if the women’s life was in immediate danger.

Affordable and Accessible Health Care Services for All Women. Medicaid and the Title X family planning program ensure low-income American women have access to the healthcare they need, including family planning.  Randy supports Planned Parenthood’s participation in these networks. Randy will also vote against bans on private and public insurance coverage for abortion such as the federal Hyde amendment, and he will support and advocate for inclusion of abortion coverage and comprehensive contraceptive coverage in public employee insurance plan. Additionally, Randy would vote against any legislation which attempts to restrict U.S. aid to international healthcare providers who provide a range of women’s healthcare services, including abortion.  Finally,  Randy will only support federal funding for evidence-based pregnancy prevention education.

Randy believes it’s important that all those who identify as women have the healthcare they need. As a Congressman, Randy would support and advocate for policies that ensure people of all genders identities and expressions – including trans men and non-binary identified individuals and others – have full and equal access to comprehensive, culturally and technically competent reproductive healthcare. Randy will also advocate and support policies that protect transgender and non-binary people from discrimination in healthcare; that ensures access to all medically-necessary transition-related healthcare regardless of their gender presentation; oppose any federal rules that prohibit third party insurers from exempting transition-related services from plans; support clear and financially appropriate Medicare coverage for transition related healthcare; ensure that all people – regardless of incarceration status – have access to medically necessary care; will work overall to improve the quality and competence of medical care for trans and non-binary people.  In addition, Randy recognizes the disproportionate rates of HIV and AIDS faces by trans communities – in particular trans women of color – and he will work with community members and other experts and stakeholders to expand affordable and culturally competent access to PREP and Pep; as well as access to affordable and comprehensive care for those living with HIV.

Support Women in Combat in the Military. Randy fully believes that women should be able to serve in combat in our military. While Speaker Ryan refused to take a position on the issue, Randy believes, as a veteran, that it’s important to stand up for the women who want to serve our country – both in their pursuit of new roles in combat and when it comes to seeking justice for those female service members who face sexual harassment or assault.  As a Congressman, Randy would vote for the Military Justice Improvement Act, which would give the authority to prosecute sexual assault and other serious crimes to independent military prosecutors, rather than military commanders, with whom it currently rests.

Additionally, Randy supports and will advocate for the full and equal inclusion of all transgender people who wish to served in the armed forces and opposes attempts to exclude or limit access to serving in the armed services. Randy opposes President’s Trump’s recent ban on trans service members, and he will work to overturn that ban and to ensure all active duty and reserve transgender members of the military and veterans are treated with the same fairness, equality and dignity of every other service member.

End Violence Against All Women. Randy knows much must still be done to end domestic violence, most urgently closing the “boyfriend” loophole and other loopholes in current federal law meant to protect victims of domestic violence from gun violence. While the majority of mass shooters have a history of domestic violence, and while victims of domestic violence are far more likely to be killed if their partner has a gun, federal law currently does not prevent a domestic abuser from accessing a weapon if they were not married to or did not have a child with their victim.  Additionally, federal law does not prohibit those convicted of misdemeanor stalking from accessing guns, despite the fact that stalking is a highly accurate predictor of future violent behavior. Finally, federal law also does not prohibit people with a temporary restraining order against them from obtaining a gun – even though the period after a victim has left their abuser is the most statistically dangerous time. As a Congressman, Randy would fight to close these unacceptable loopholes.

Randy also recognizes that there is an epidemic of violence against transgender people – in particular transgender women of color. He will work with community leaders and other stakeholders to develop proactive and comprehensive strategies to disrupt this violence and protect all trans people.  Randy recognizes that poverty is one of the root causes of this violence and he will work to ensure programs to address poverty and unemployment explicitly include transgender people (Including supporting affordable and streamlined access to appropriate identification documents).