Why I’m Running

Watching Paul Ryan turn his back on our community and our country lit a fire in me. We can’t sit on the sidelines and shake our heads—we have to get in the game and do everything in our power to fight for what we believe.

Across Southeastern Wisconsin, in places like Kenosha and Janesville; Racine and Elkhorn, factories are closing down and our jobs are being shipped away.

We are working harder than ever before but have less and less to show for it.

Meanwhile, D.C. politicians like Speaker Ryan continue to put politics and party over people. They have consistently pursued a dangerous agenda that lines the pockets of their wealthy friends on Wall Street while working families continue to suffer.

We need our representatives to fight for us—but Speaker Ryan won’t even listen to us. It’s been more than 600 days since he has held a town hall in Southeastern Wisconsin. But that hasn’t stopped him from crisscrossing the country, raising millions of dollars in campaign donations from the wealthy and the well-connected.

Speaker Ryan lost touch with us years ago, focusing more on power and political party then on the people of our communities. And we see it in his actions in DC everyday:

  • Instead of fighting for a Single Payer Health Care system that will ensure that all of us can be healthy and receive treatment, Speaker Ryan is working on taking health care away from up to 32 million Americans, while giving huge tax cuts to billionaires and millionaires.
  • Instead of Fighting for Working People and lifting the economic floor by fighting for a $15 minimum wage, investments in our workforce, and support for organized labor and tax fairness, Speaker Ryan has presided over the erosion of our economy across Southeastern Wisconsin over the past 20 years, as unfair trade deals, the loss of manufacturing jobs and failure to jumpstart the industries of the future have hollowed out our economy.
  • Instead of committing our country to reversing Climate Change, investing in renewable energy, and protecting the environment, Speaker Ryan is standing in the way of progress, applauding as the US retreats from an international commitment to preserve our planet.
  • Instead of defending Women’s Health Care and Reproductive Rights, Speaker Ryan wants to strip away a woman’s right to choose, and access to basic health care like mammograms, cancer screenings and birth control.
  • Instead of committing to real Campaign Finance Reform that empowers people—like overturning the destructive Citizens United decision, standing up to cynical voter suppression efforts, and increasing participation in our democracy—Speaker Ryan is defending a damaged status quo that coddles corporations, the rich and the powerful.
  • Instead of pursuing Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Speaker Ryan has accepted a broken system that continues to tear families apart and goes against everything our country stands for and has sat idly by while our neighbors—his constituents—right here in Southeast Wisconsin live in fear of deportation.

I’m a father and a son. I’m a veteran and a cancer survivor. I’m a working person and have spent my career building and growing Southeastern Wisconsin with my own two hands.

So ask yourself this: who do you trust to fight for you, your family and our communities—someone who has been working the iron for the past 20 years; or Paul Ryan, who has been in Washington, DC for the past 20 years, working for Wall Street and the big corporations.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be talking about these issues. This election is about who is going to listen to you and put you and your family first.

I’m excited to talk to you this campaign season and work to earn your support.

Thank you,